blink twice if you need help...

You and I both know you've been thinking about this. And if you made it to this page, you're already wondering if this is the right time to invest in a producer. I hate to break it to you, but the way you feel now is gonna be the way you feel in six months. So what if we could give those six months back to you? The podcast can go back to being a highlight instead of a stressor.

what's it like to work with us

We know this is a big step. You have put a lot of time and energy into your podcast totally solo up to this point. It would be strange for you not to have some questions! To be honest, this company has been a natural progression for us too: from two solo podcasters, to a little help here and there, to the combining of our work into an efficient team with crystal clear processes. We have used the past two years to iron out the bumps in the road, prefect the process, and make the mistakes so you don't have to. We want to take you further faster, hence the name of our company (Fast Forward...get it??).

the thelma and LOUISE of podcasting.

-FORBES (someday maybe)



Let's get down to business because we're actually very serious about what we do. Our goal is to make this as simple as possible for you. We want you to get two things out of working with us: time and excitement. Both of which you might have lost over the years. 

When working with us this is what you can expect in our standard package. It covers all your needs plus some things you haven't thought of yet.


One monthly meeting with your in house podcast specialist to plan your upcoming content, schedule your episodes using our organized system, strategize podcast titles for highest listen rate, and create plan deadlines for podcast episodes to be recorded/launched, etc. and more.


All the audio stuff you really don't feel like learning - removal of unneeded sound, noises, pauses, etc. (say goodbye to those um's), mixing of individual audio files from guests, converting sound from one platform to your hosting platform, etc for up to four eps per month.


Analytics review and consultation on how to learn from your numbers, assist on writing your intro and outro, developing scripts for introducing yourself or guests, cover art feedback, setting you up on all prominent podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, etc)


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Services start at $950/mo with a 6 month commitment

PODCAST in a day

our most requested service

The mission of Fast Forward Production is to amplify female voices. And the goal of our Podcast in a Day service is to get your podcast off the ground (instead of leaving your mic in the closet for another year). Let us ease any of your concerns or frustrations. Let's make podcasting the best part of your week. 

Together we will get you ready for launch or re-envision the next chapter of your existing podcast, as well as planned out for the next 3 months. You will leave this 5-hour session with 12+ hours worth of planning, booking, managing, and perfecting done and dusted.

Podcast in a day includes:

Getting focused and nailing down your name, tag line, branding, ideal audience, episode length, posting schedule, and all the small decisions that make you feel uber intimidated by this whole process.


We will co-create scripts for your intro & outro plus a custom mixed intro & outro with your music of choice. And together we will write show notes templates for your podcast so all you have to do is plug & play for each episode.


Three months of content planning for a fully planned season end-to-end. We will also cover your plan for guest booking and best practices to run your podcast like a pro.


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If you're reading this section, we assume that you're more interested in discussing your current or upcoming podcast, wanting to learn the ropes, or have some specific questions answered. Whether you are wondering how to attract your target audience, how to structure an episodes, best practices for using ads for brands (or your business), or generally interested in a professional's audit of your podcast, we're here to support you!

In our 60 minute session together, we will get through any questions, roadblocks, hesitations, brainstorming, whatever you need together. You will be sent notes + a call recording as well. 
We so look forward to working with you!

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do you have a monthly commitment?

Our contracts require six months with a check in review after three. After the initial six months we will institute a month to month contract. 



what if I am brand new?

No need to fear, we are here to get you from idea to creation and so much further. So if your podcast is still just a concept in your brain, we can get to work creating systems, intro/outro, scripts, cover art, and so much more. Please note we do have an extra start-up fee for from-scratch pods. 



what do i need to get started with you?

Cover art and a general idea of what you want for your podcast...and tbh you don't even have to have cover art because we can help you with that too.




We prefer to make everything as simple as possible so we love using Anchor for our pods. If you prefer another platform we are happy to learn & utilize it as well. We also use Slack for communicating with you and Google Drive for easy access to recordings, edits, etc. and Airtable for organizing your content. Of course we will make sure you are distributed on all major podcasting platforms!