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There are a lot of emerging media companies out there. And if we're being honest, a lot of them cater to influencers or celebrities who already have massive platforms to stand on. We love that for them...but we want to give more space to more voices. We don't think you need a million followers to deserve to have your voice heard. TBH...we don't even think you need a thousand (yet).


Our biggest goal is to give a literal mic to women's stories and have them available for more ears more often. Women who have built their own online platforms, grown their opinions and voices, strengthened their resolve to put themselves out in the world...those are our people.

I wish all i had to do was sit down and record.

done. that's exactly what we do.

Dear Podcast Host,

You are cordially invited to say f*ck the editing software and let the pros take it from here. Let's swap out re-listening to your own episode on the couch for bingeing a new Netflix series. Why don't you hand over the show notes while you go to happy hour with your friends? Put your podcast on autopilot while you take a bath? Go on a hike? Whatever your heart desires.

Xoxo, team ffp


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Podcaster since 2016 and successful podcaster since 2020. Owner and CEO of Fast Forward since 2022. Dog mom to three. Wife to one (lol what if i wrote a big number here). Generally funny person.

founder and CEo


Recovering Type-A perfectionist Maddie McGuire is FFP's project manager. Her insomnia and love for podcasts doesn’t hurt either. From Chicago, Maddie has been acting and writing TV scripts for the better part of two decades. Voiceover is her main gig now and she gratefully spends an ungodly amount of time in her closet converted voiceover booth.  As a former owner of a boutique production company, she learned her love for the nitty gritty details of the production world, and how it meshes with storytelling, bringing creativity to life.

project manager


Dayandra de Miranda Leão (she/her) is your editing-wizard-nerd-queen. All of her friends call her "Dee" and, yeah, that applies to you and me. Here to support you in all your creative quests, Dee is trained in Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Blackmagic's Davinci Resolve, Reaper, and Adobe Creative Cloud. She's always on the hunt for how to improve her systems and make your content truly magical. Brazilian-American actor by day, editor by night, Dedicated, detailed, and driven, Dee is determined to do all she can to help your podcast take flight. 

senior editor


Anna Wenger (she/her) from the heartland of Kansas City, MO, is always on the lookout for opportunities to learn and grow. As an actor, she knows the importance of bringing stories to life and is passionate about amplifying the voices of other impassioned storytellers! Spreadsheets and organization are her bread and butter, and she loves finding new ways to improve systems to run more efficiently (read: mid-western Hermione Granger).

junior editor


Michelle Lulic (she/her) is a native New Yorker, working actor, and skilled at-home barista. She studied Journalism and Media Studies as well as Theater Arts at Rutgers University where she founded and ran the entertainment news department at the radio station, WRSU-FM. She later interned at Sirius-XM radio where she worked directly with the producer of a popular celebrity talk show. She’s thrilled to be working in the podcasting world as a part of Fast Forward Production — where she can combine her previous experiences and varied passions.

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