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You've had your podcast or YouTube for 6 months, a year, etc and you've probably learned the hard way that producing isn't always as easy as people make it sound.

Maybe you began like most of us - by thinking you could buy the expensive mics, get a few guests, and let the listens roll in. lololololol right??

But no one told you that you may be spending some nights or weekends getting a last minute recording edited, perhaps forgetting to write those show notes for that episode that is supposed to go live tomorrow. Or maybe you totally forgot to record it all together happened?

The good news is that we love the 'lame stuff'. Those persky show notes. That podcast schedule you made but keep forgetting to stick to. Having a consistent intro/outro. That's kinda our jam. And why we started this whole thing in the first place. 

Podcasting should be fun.
Remember those days?
Let's bring that back. 

anyone can "have a podcast"

mic? check.
show notes? check. intro? check.

but you have a story.

the ffp team

You don't have to be successful to have a great podcast, but you can get successful from a great podcast.

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We created a mini series just for you. So no matter what you can benefit from our work and take our insights. 


Find the fit for you and your work

we know full production isn't for everyone, so while you work your way into that, we have lots of options for cretors of every level (and let's be real, budget).

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podcast production

you take the mic, we take the mixing board. for your voice to be heard, it has to be clear. for your thoughts to be in the world, you need to be in your zone. you share your story, your POV,  your work and we'll do ours.

youtube production

in a world where video is king, we want yours to stand out. whether you aim for brand deals, sponsorship, higher viewership, or simply a platform to be you, we'll take the raw files and bring you magic to publish.

no idea tbh

lol  we feel that. let's chat and you get out all your hopes, dreams, and plans and we're experienced enough to help you make sense of it. book a free call and we'll chat <3

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