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Pod prep school

in this school we mean (podcast) business

stop putting off that podcast idea


sorry, did i cut off your procrastination?

Create three months of podcast episodes and social media content in a matter of days.

Save thousands of dollars outsourcing your podcast editing because you recorded with a plan.

Expand your audience and brand while telling your own stories and owning your own IP.

Tap into the 100s of ideas we both know you have...even if you cant think of them right now.

We've been listening...

...and we know it's time to launch (or re-launch) your podcast. But you bought a course and never opened it. Or you have watched one trillion YouTube videos and still don't have a published episode. Perhaps you actually put out a few eps...before life/time got the better of you. But you need structure. you need someone to hold you accountable. And you need time to do it in the same day. 

i am already in

two day workshop

both recorded,  we get it.

Instead of talking at you, we are going to work with you. Day one covers all the ins & outs of getting started strategically and focusing on the things that matter (yes even the specifics of episode length and shownotes). Day two is all about your style, launch plans, setting up three full months of podcast and social media plans. 

Heard, chef
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no more starting from zero

Nothing is worse that creating awesome things and no one being able to find them. So we make the promotion part super seamless by creating new templates for you. No need to scour Canva and DIY this part, just use our templates with your content and get the word out about your pod! 



cause who tf has a printer???

Forget the PDFs you lose somewhere on your desktop. Everyone in class gets their own fill-as-we-work Google Sheet you can edit, save, and come back to at any point in time. This will cover your core podcast info as well as the best things to come back to anytime in planning you get stuck. 

dreams of having a podcast producer but doesn't have the budget (yet)

for the person who

started a podcast course only to fall off because it was not specific and not FUN

loves podcasts and is dying to get theirs started, but that perfectionist mindset keeps getting in the way

wishes they had a community of other podcasters who knew what the work was really like

you feel 100% confident in your current DIY podcast

This is NOT for you if

the podcast world feels better solo, no friends tks.

you prefer to fly by the seat of your pants with your schedule

getting sh*t done while using your time wisely is really not an interest

PRE-CLASS - start generating ideas for your podcast based on the specific homework we ask of you, all of which will save you tons of time later.

DAY ONE - all the basics, your audience, creating your epsiode elements guide, getting your hosting platform set up, deciding how you want to record and making is as easy as possible

DAY TWO - we help decide on your cover art and then make a full launch plan. we will write out three months worth of content and decide how to structure your socials with could legit leave class and have a full season done in a matter of days.

OOPS WE ALMOST FORGOT - did we mention class will always be open for you? better keep reading...

inside you will learn

Pod prep

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lauren hogarth - dear Queer podcast

There were so many seemingly small moments of incite that she had. I would have absolutely fell into that podcast-trap and now don't even have to worry about the headache of finding out things after dropping an episode. 

Sam is so clearly someone creates practices around the business and production side of podcasting

Alysha Young -acting like a mom

I have a solid plan to start and a date makes all the difference. The content planning page is super helpful! My biggest takeaway was the little community that was made over the couple of days.

makes all the difference! I am now Confident and excited to get it done.

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