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video is opening more doors than any other medium

get seen, get heard, and stay relevant

perhaps you have a podcast or platform and no one seems to be able to find it. so much work for so little results has you wanting to leave it all behind. enter video.

the double hit of your voice and your face on video not only quadruples your content in one swoop, but keeps your message streamlined and set up for every possible outlet

sure, you can set up your phone to shoot during a chat...but can you keep your audience engaged enough to not only stick around but to truly listen. and we can take away all the backend work.

let us make your life a lot easier please

we're big fans of supporting women.

Are we bored of the male podcast gaze yet? We need some *feminine energy* up in here. We need raw storytelling. True support and advice. Exciting narratives and dream worlds. However you plan to run your podcast, know that you're at a table that listens to you, instead of speaking over you and we are here to make it magical.

we have some thoughts to share.



you built this brand. you should own it.

Sure, it's exciting to be considered for a Barstool podcast (or one of the many others) but we love the idea of you OWNING your strategy, your IP, your assets, and - crazy thought here - all your ad revenue. Why build this incredible machine just for someone else to sit in the drivers seat?


you're a client, not a dollar sign.

This isn't come one come all at Fast Forward Production because it's vital to us that each client gets a human who interacts with them, is first to listen to their episode, collaborates and ideates with them, and is in the trenches for all of the highs and lows. We see YOU here.

we're here for anyone but it tugs on our heartstrings to support our fellow females..

such a novel concept to actually care about the human more than the business.

unlike a lot of production companies, we don't want to own your i.p.

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